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Pisces-Hufflepuff-Audiophile-21-Coloradoan for life

I'm going through an awkward stage in my life.
I live in Vegas. Have 2 cats and a puppy.
I love life and rarely get online nowadays.
I'm disgustingly optimistic.
My favorite X-man is Nighcrawler.
I love people. Don't be a stranger.

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Nobody understands my fear of the Redeads in Zelda…

I need to relate to someone. Reblog this if the face-raping zombies scare the shit out of you too!!

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I hate when I’m listening to a song I absolutely love but have to skip it because of the emotional ties I have to it.

Reblog if you relate with the song that does it to you

Mine right now is Say (All I Need) by OneRepublic

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That awful moment when you can not remember the beginning of a song.

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Waiting in a long line

with one item. 

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So, like

This is my stuff on paper:

This is my stuff on photoshop/SAI:

This is other people’s stuff on paper:

This is other people’s stuff on photoshop/SAI:


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When websites asking for my age have the option to select 2011.


Bitch, how would I be using a computer?

Click here if you’re awkward!

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Trying to reach the remote control:


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When someone talks about something gross at the table


Others are like:

But I’m like:


HAHAHAH ALL THE TIME, usually its me saying something gross anyway

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