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I'm going through an awkward stage in my life.
I live in Vegas. Have 2 cats and a puppy.
I love life and rarely get online nowadays.
I'm disgustingly optimistic.
My favorite X-man is Nighcrawler.
I love people. Don't be a stranger.

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So I’m doing my rounds of facebook creepin…

You know when you stalk the page and look at the photos of people you haven’t talked to in years. Ya. I do that a lot.

Anyway, I’m creepin on my friend Jeremy. We went on a mission trip together, had a few other brief encounters, so I’m like “hey! What’s that kid been up to?” 

So I’m going through and I see this photo…




… And that was the moment I realized how pathetic I was am…

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That awkward moment when this is a suitable replacement for a birthday cake and you realize that you and your friends are alcoholics.

That awkward moment when this is a suitable replacement for a birthday cake and you realize that you and your friends are alcoholics.

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New favorite passtime?

Looking up The Loved Ones tag and reading the reactions of people who just saw it for the first time


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Yep. Best song ever.

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Things I’m going to get done this week:

Today: Laundry… ALL of it.

Tomorrow: Kitchen. Bitch is gonna be spotless.

Tuesday: Living room. It’s gonna become the cleanest motherfucking living room on the fucking planet!

Wednesday: Closet. If I never blog again after that day, it’s cause my closet ate me…. This is a legitimate fear of mine.

Thursday: Bathroom. More like Gonna-be-the-cleanest-area-in-this-whole-damn-place room!

Friday: Basque in the reverence of one clean ass apartment.

Saturday: Get pissed cause something’s gonna happen Friday night that is going to make the apartment a shithole again.

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Christen Vs. Cat

So my cat just attacked my hands as I was typing on the computer. I pushed him away. He then proceeded to attack them again. So I played for a minute, then started playing Skyrim.

Well then this little fuck decides to walk behind the entertainment center, conveniently hitting the power switch on the 6 socket extension lead, turning off not only the game and TV, but also the wifi. He then proceeded to lay on one of the entertainment center shelves staring at me very smugly.

You win this round… -_-

Christen: 0

Rosco: 1

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So awhile back, we pulled a prank on a couple friends. We buttered the floor and when they walked in… well watch the clip and you’ll see :)

Guess what though? I got a phone call from my old roommate (this lovely lady!) and I guess she got a message on her youtube account from Pranked, the TV show on MTV… They want to use this clip on their show!!!

That’s right! My obnoxiously annoying laughing is going to be on MTV!! :D

(Actually, it’s probably not… it’s really obnoxious.. But my Hunger Games poster will! :D)

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I remember what I did before Tumblr now!

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