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Blogs that annoy the crap out of me (listed in order of “OMFG! I WANT TO FIND THE OWNER OF THIS BLOG AND SHOOT THEM!” to “This is just annoying.”) :

Psychological “Fact” blogs: There is not such thing as a psychological fact. The first lesson they teach you in any psychology class is that “Correlation doesn’t mean causation.” To say that "If your big toe aches on Tuesday mornings, you have possession, anger, and passive aggressive habits. And you steal unicorns from candy shops." That is false. An accurate statement is "If your big toe aches on Tuesday mornings, then it is likely you have possession, anger and passive aggressive habits. And there’s a chance you’ll steal unicorns from candy shops.” A more appropriate title is "Psychological Tendency" blogs. Or the “facts” that say something like "If you ear itches, someone just wanked off and moaned your name." That can be categorized in a “Urban Legends that have no factual data to them at all, they’re just made to make you feel weird” blogs. Don’t say a fact that can be wrong. Just don’t do it.

"Fact" blogs without sources: Cause I don’t like reading a fact, being shocked, presenting it to someone else, and having them tell me it’s wrong, only to Google it and find out it is, indeed, wrong. That’s embarrassing to me, and you. Cause obviously you don’t know your stuff and I will automatically disregard anything you say from then on.

"Fact" blogs that obviously follow another fact blog, or OmgFacts or something: Please find something I haven’t heard. Please.

Blogs that take popular photos and put them on their blog like it’s theirs: When there is a photo I’ve seen on my dash at least 50 times going around, it annoys me when someone takes it and posts it as their own. It just does. Reblog it if you want it on your blog that bad. Or taking a photo and putting your blog name on it. Stop being unoriginal.

Blogs that put the “Like this photo?! Follow my blog! It’s like the best thing you’ll ever see on Tumblr in the history of your life!!” links at the bottom of their posts: I hate seeing that shit on my dash, I hate seeing it on my wall, and I hate having to go through the process of opening a new tab to delete the stupid thing off the post when I reblog it. Just gain followers the old fashioned way like everyone else.

I don’t mean to sound whiny, I just needed to vent about it. Especially the fact ones. Cause I spend a HUGE chunk of my free time looking up facts, I love getting facts on my dash, and I love being able to just trust where it came from. I get annoyed when I see a fact that is false and it has a million reblogs. As a lover of spreading knowledge, that saddens me.

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