Getting a Life

Pisces-Hufflepuff-Audiophile-21-Coloradoan for life

I'm going through an awkward stage in my life.
I live in Vegas. Have 2 cats and a puppy.
I love life and rarely get online nowadays.
I'm disgustingly optimistic.
My favorite X-man is Nighcrawler.
I love people. Don't be a stranger.

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Random thought:

I want to become famous, so during an interview, they can ask me “So, what are your deepest fears?” and I”ll cleverly answer “Being alone… and redeads. I fucking hate redeads.”

And they’ll bleep out fucking. But the word is necessary. It properly emphasizes my utter hate of redeads.

Cause I hate redeads.

I hate them.




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Yesterday I was reading traits of a Pisces. One of them is Laziness. So it’s written in the stars for me to be lazy.

I was laying in bed and the guy I’m seeing was telling me to get up so we could go do something. Me being the clever snot that I am, put my arms towards the ceiling and told him:

"Hold on… Let me read the stars………. Nope, it’s not written for me to get up yet."

Being a smart ass is so much fun!

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Hey bro, I like your face.

Hey bro, I like your face.

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