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Just because you go to art school doesn’t mean you have an excuse…

So, we have a new club at our school. It’s called Bounce. It’s a dance club. There are literally hundreds of fliers hanging up around the school, in classrooms, in all the offices, etc. This is the poster (no need to read it, I’ll be highlighting the important part of it shortly)

Cool, yay, little cheesy, but whatever, right? WRONG! Take a closer look at the last sentence…

I think I’m going to go to the next group meeting for Bounce. I need to inform this “Michelle” character that Shorts is not a country, nor city. There is a Shorts Brewery in Bellaire, MI, however, given the small city size and radically cold climate, its almost virtually impossible to grow pears there… Thus she should not get her hopes up as getting a Pear of Shorts is both an unfair and unrealistic request.

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