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I'm going through an awkward stage in my life.
I live in Vegas. Have 2 cats and a puppy.
I love life and rarely get online nowadays.
I'm disgustingly optimistic.
My favorite X-man is Nighcrawler.
I love people. Don't be a stranger.

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So awhile back, we pulled a prank on a couple friends. We buttered the floor and when they walked in… well watch the clip and you’ll see :)

Guess what though? I got a phone call from my old roommate (this lovely lady!) and I guess she got a message on her youtube account from Pranked, the TV show on MTV… They want to use this clip on their show!!!

That’s right! My obnoxiously annoying laughing is going to be on MTV!! :D

(Actually, it’s probably not… it’s really obnoxious.. But my Hunger Games poster will! :D)

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